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♥♡ A long-awaited maiko experience♡♥


I am Takebe of Hello everyone ♪ 
We would like to introduce two of our wonderful customers from Hyogo prefecture.
They had an experience of the Oiran and Maiko experience respectively♪♪
Actually, the two people I’m going to introduce are my mother-in-law and my child.
They were the bride and mother-in-law, but they are so close together that it looks like a true parent and child.
It seems that it will be about 6 years since you got married, but it seems that even two people often go out, this time it is the second time for 3 years to transform!

And this time, Ms.Nozomi experienced the first Oiran experience [Botan plan] and Mrs.Yuriko experienced the Maiko experience [Hanamati no kokoro plan] (•⌄• )✨
Please look at the photos immediately (ू•ᴗ•ू❁)
変身体験Of course, the main part of the photo shoot is a pin shot by one person, but we also take a few cuts of the group photo ✩
It’s a photo that looks like a different combination, but if you try it together, you’ll want a two-shot photo too♪
Originally, Mrs.Yuriko who wanted to experience a geisha at the time of booking ✩

When I came to the store, I heard that the two of us had maiko experience last time, so I wanted to challenge a geisha this time (*’ω’ *).
But it doesn’t seem to be. Last time, Ms.Nozomi became Maiko and Mrs. became a geisha (˘ω˘).
If so, I want you to be a maiko this time! ! ! ! ! Press …
Transformed into a maiko! ! ! (๑>؂<๑)

Mrs. Yuriko, who seemed to be shy at first when he was “aged”, started to look white, and as his eyes, eyebrows, mouth and makeup were finished, he said, “Who am I” and enjoyed the make-up (* ´ è `*)♥️

In the first place, the hair and makeup of Maiko experience and Oiran experience are completely different (ఠ_ఠ ).
This time, the two laughed and praised each other while watching each other’s changes, the time passed very gently ✩*॰¨̮
And Ms. Nozomi, who was completed earlier, started shooting at Oiran Studio ♪♪ (^^)

Here is a picture of Ms.Nozomi like that ✨

It was my first time to experience it, so I was surprised at the makeup that was different from the maiko.

Ms.Nozomi, who chose royal red and gold eye shadows for a luxurious hairstyle at Date Hyogo Mage, transforms into a glossy ♪


In this way, the photo lying down in the prone position is the style unique to the Date Hyogo Mage.

Many customers are surprised to add a lot of hairpins and flowers.

Please pay attention to the movement of the makeup staff when setting the hair ✩.
However, in reality, many customers do their best by choosing the color of makeup and the color of kimono.

On the other hand, Mrs.Yuriko goes to another room and changes her kimono ✩

There are 20 to 30 Maiko costumes and 3 Geisha costumes, which you can choose according to your taste.

Mrs.Yuriko was in charge of coordinating the kimono, so I chose a light pink kimono like spring ♡

If you want to experience Maiko, we recommend the light colors.

Mrs.Yuriko, when I was a kid, my dream was to become a real maiko!

At the same time, I was surprised by Mrs.Yuriko, who has chosen a different path than before, but she has fulfilled her dream of becoming a maiko.

It seems that Mrs.Yuriko herself was recommended by Maiko too.

Before joining the Kokoro group, he wanted to experience Maiko, but he didn’t know where to go, and he didn’t have the courage or opportunity.

But! ! Makeup staff who participated in the Kokoro group transformed into maiko at least once.

For the first time, I felt excited and excited when I got the long-cherished white coat.
In both the Oiran and Maiko experiences, there may be many people who said, “I was interested, but there was no one I wanted to go with around me” or “I didn’t have a chance.”

However, not only 2 or 3 people, but also many customers who come alone!
Many people feel nervous at first, but all the staff will treat you so that even one person can enjoy it, so please feel at ease!

The Maiko experience of “Kokoro-Hanazuku” can be taken with the traditional ”Japanese room” and the traditional ”Rooji”, or you can take a picture as if you came out from the house where Maiko lives. , The background of the handmade knobs made by the staff is so cute “Negai-bina” You can add a photo shoot.

In addition, outdoor photography is very comfortable in this season.

If you are wondering if you want to try it….., please take a step and come and experience the transformation.

We look forward to your visit.

For more information about “Kokoro-Hanazuku” Maiko experience, please tap the URL below.