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★☆★ 2nd coming of age ceremony ★☆★ Ms.Eri Oiran Experience

Hello everyone! ‥

It’s Hamada, the makeup staff who keeps getting warmer in the spring and sleeps on buses and trains steadily on warm days ☺

The other day, we would like to introduce our customer, Ms.Eri, who had an Oiran experience in a classic style with the Date Hyogo Mage.

The plan that Ms.Eri experienced this time has two Kimono and all data ✨🦋Kochoran Plan🦋✨

And the shooting booth is “Yoi booth” where the sex appeal of elegant adults is addicted.

It’s very fabulous and sexy.
It was an coming of age ceremony and I couldn’t wear kimono, so I was looking forward to this time!

Other customers also said, “I’m not wearing kimono! ! There are many people who come to the experience with。

If you experience it on various anniversaries and milestones, it will be a memory that will remain in the form of a photo, so you can remember it every time you look back ~

If you want to make wonderful memories more beautifully, beautifully, or even decorate your room, you can change the original luxury photo book (+7,500 yen and up) as an option, so please feel free to contact the staff.

”ORIHIME” a small flower pattern and a gentle shade, was chosen by Ms.Eri.

It’s cool and cool “SHIGIN”

Since the type is different, the atmosphere when you change your kimono will also change ~

It’s a beauty that makes you sigh involuntarily ♡ ♡
Date Hyogo Mage’s hairstyle makes it easy to lie down rather than lay your back on it, so the clavicle line looks beautiful and the scent of an adult drifts

In the last pose of this reward, I can see the Kimono firmly, the back is beautiful and the shot is more sexy, so I recommend it ✨

Please contact the photographer if you wish ☆

Ms.Eri who is the first time to experience the Oiran
Thank you for your cooperation in the blog.
We look forward to seeing you again ♥
When you come to Kyoto, please come to “Kokoro-Hanazuku-“☆

A staff full of smiles will welcome you ☺