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Please see the maiko appearance of cute children!!


Hello everyone! !

I’m Kimura, the photographer (*’ω’*)

This time, we would like to introduce our very cute sisters! !
They are 5 and 10 years old 💕
It’s a cute age, and it’s about the time when I started to get interested in makeup and hair arrangements.

Look at the two cute sisters ✨


Very nice! !
I was grinning while filming (*´艸`)
Yeah, I did! ! !

The mothers of the sisters were watching the photo shoot, and I and sister’s mother both kept calling “Kawaii(cute)!!!!”.

First,younger sister, Sara-chan! !
She is a little naughty.
But, when I set the camera up, she decided on a cute pose (∩´∀`)∩


However, because the kimono is heavy, she offers to change her clothes.
Her mother and I desperately protested, “Don’t change clothes yet! Good luck!”

She worked hard till the end ((((o’´3`))

Next, older sister Rino-chan!
“As expected! !” Perfect pose that makes you want to say.
It is a beautiful woman who has a mature look so much that she can not be considered a child (*’ω `*)

Rino-chan decides on any pose, but she sometimes makes us smile with a childish smile…

The experience this time was to celebrate Rino-chan’s 10 years old!

The sisters’ mother said, “I want to experience the Oiran plan with my daughter when I grow up a little more ♬” and looked forward to the future of the two of us (*’з`)

In Japan, there are several events by age when a child grows up, and it is customary to take pictures during the event.
To commemorate your child’s “only moment”, why not take a picture at our store and keep a photo as a record?

It is possible not only to experience with children, but also to experience with mothers and grandmothers (-ω-)/
Maiko Plan offers great discounts when you experience it with your mother and daughter together! !

From small children to adults, you can experience regardless of age ♫
With your family. With your friends. Of course even a couple.

We look forward to your visit (*’▽ `*)