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Oiran memories and beautiful photos when you come to Kyoto ✨

Oiran Yoi booth


It’s been a hot summer here in Japan, how are you all doing?
I am Yajima, a photographer at Kokoro-Hanashizuku-!

I would like to introduce some of our wonderful customers who came to our store from overseas!
Let’s take a look at the photos!📸
Oiran Yoi boothWhat a beautiful transformation 😍
The Yoi booth is a room with a night motif. The “煙管(smoking pipe)” held in the hand is a trademark of the oiran!
The gorgeous Uchikake robe’s the slightly dark mood very well!! The pink used for the Uchikake and the pink of the makeup match well, making for cute look💖

Oiran Yoi booth

In a seated pose, the Uchikake robe’s garment is spread to create a dynamic expression.
The woman looking back is also one of the most beautiful poses seen in Western paintings as well as in Japan.

This beautiful uchikake robe’s is not the only one.
There are more than 10 exclusive Uchikake robe’s that can be selected only at Yoi Booth, and those who experience it can choose the one they like!!✨✨

Oiran Yoi boothNext is a pose using a fan.
There are many ways to use it, but hiding half of the face with a fan gives it a more mysterious charm!😍

Oiran Yoi boothOne shot of a cool expression.
While the overall atmosphere is cute, she is very good at creating a cool expression!
This client had a very nice princess cut, so we made use of it in the hair arrangement.It suits her very well!✨

Oiran Yoi booth

The last picture is one lying on one’s back.
The flowers and the oiran lying on her back are irreplaceably beautiful.
You can even see her legs, which is a little bit sexy!😳

I’ve tried to show you five pictures of our guests from overseas, how did they make you feel?
I’m sure Oiran will suit you as well as you are looking at these!👍

The plan she experienced this time was “Oiran A plan”.

For details of the plan, please refer to the URL! (jump to the plan page)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me by e-mail.

We are looking forward to meeting you!✨✨