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Oiran experience with a surprise


Mrs. R introduced this time chose the orchid experience of “Kokoro-Hanashizuku-” as a surprise.
Her husband was the target.
Mr. and Mrs. R are newlyweds and are planned to commemorate his birthday.

Let’s take a look at those photos!!
花魁体験On this day I chose the Oiran experience Kochoran couple plan ♡♡♡
It is a very nice and affordable plan with either 9 photos + CD-R or LINE data .
The shooting was done at the redesigned Hana booth.
The rose petals are newly added, and it is a magnificent Hana booth.
It will surely become a popular booth in the future.花魁体験Mrs.R coming from Gunma on this day.

Speaking of “smoke pipe”

I wanted to make it look like a royal road, so I made a red and gold shadow (*>ᴗ•*) ゞ

Mrs. R is good at posing that you can not think of as your first experience.

With the Kochoran plan, you can choose from two kimonos on the outermost side, so you can change the finish by choosing the Kaimurasaki of the different color you selected last time ♪ ♪

By the way, the above photo is popular for those who want to be cute from being beautiful♪


You can see another Kimono [Miyabi] that you chose in a colorful studio.

花魁体験❀ This is a picture taken in a lot of flowers ❀
The lying pose is a popular shooting style, while the Botan plan and Kochoran plan can be taken in the lying pose. (By the way, the peony plan comes with 5 photos♪)
In this experience, I made a hairstyle with Date Hyogo Mage as an option, so I slept on my stomach.


The last two shots of the one♡

It must have been a birthday surprise that she’s husband will never forget! (^^)!

With such a wonderful surprise, I want to do it, I want to do it!

I’m looking forward to seeing you again!

I want to work hard every day so that people can think that “drops of heart” are “a place where I can meet myself, a place where I can refresh myself” and “a place I want to visit”.

If you come to Kyoto, please come to Kokoro Group (*ˊᵕˋ*)/