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*Notice of introduction of regular holidays.

Until now, our store has been open with irregular holidays, but we have decided to open regular holidays from January 2025.
Starting January 1, 2025, we will be closed every Thursday.
*If Thursday is a holiday, we will be open and closed on the following weekday.
*We will be open on Thursdays during the year-end and New Year holidays (closed only on January 1st) and Golden Week.

Thank you for visiting KOKORO-Hanashizuku’s reservation page. Your booking would be accepted by this application form. We accept inquiries by email.

※Reservations are not confirmed by submitting the form (reservations are only confirmed when we reply to you). Please contact us for further information.
※Due to an error, we may not be able to send you the application form even if you have filled out all the necessary information.
In that case, please make your reservation by e-mail.
※If you do not receive a reply by email, please contact us via Instagram direct mail.

e-mail Instagram

We have some group shops,”STUDIO KOKORO (Arashiyama shop)”. Please make sure not to make mistake of your reservation.
If you cancel your reservation, cancellation fee is needed.
50% of plan’s fee you reserved is needed when you cancel the day before. 100% is needed on the day.

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※closed day 5/30・6/5・12・17・27・7/2・12







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Night Parade of One Hundred Demons plans

※From June 1, 2024, the plans available for each period will be different.
You can try all plans until May 31, 2024.



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