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How are you all doing?
This is Isono, a member of our camera staff.

The autumn foliage season is over and it is already winter.
Walking around Kyoto in November, I passed many tourists from overseas.
Because of the increase in the number of tourists in Kyoto as a whole, our studio was also visited by people from many different countries.
There were more and more situations where I had to use English, so I learned the necessary sentences. I experienced firsthand that I could have simple conversations even with the level of English I learned in junior high and high school classes, and I was often thankful for English education in Japan.
However, since it is difficult to use English fluently, we were very grateful that our guests managed to understand what we wanted to say.

Now, I would like to share with you some photos of a customer who came from overseas.
The plan they experienced is Oiran B plan.花魁体験
She just amazed me with her posing skills.
Oiran poses often involve tilting the hips and shoulders to give a feminine look.
When I do Oiran poses, my body position is so tight that I end up shaking, but she was perfectly still. Not only is she beautiful, she is cool!
Isn’t it too beautiful ????
I really envy her, she has such a beautiful face line on her chin.
She is also very good at making facial expressions and created this ennui look in an instant.
The languid sexiness is exactly what Japanese people imagine Oiran to be!
In contrast to the sexy expression in the previous photo, this one is a little smiling and cute.
She is so dexterous that she can make any kind of expression!
If you are having trouble capturing a natural smile in a photo, try smiling with your eyes instead of just your mouth.
A natural smile is something you make with your whole face!
花魁体験This is a photo of the popular lying down pose. It is a very glamorous photo because you are lying on top of the kimono.
Many of our Japanese and foreign customers ask us to take this pose.
And she is holding an old-fashioned cigarette called Kiseru.
If you want to be a cool Oiran, please try to take a picture with this cigarette.

This prone pose can be taken either on your back like her, or in a prone position.
In the prone position, the photo will look like this.
花魁体験The lying-on-your-back pose cannot be taken if the optional Datehyogo-top hat (伊達兵庫髷) is added.
In that case, we will photograph you in a prone pose.

Oiran plans are available in three types, A, B, and C. When making a reservation, please decide on the plan and the booth you would like to shoot in.
For details of the plans, please refer to the URL below.